Do you feel ambivalent about touch?  Want to feel more at ease touching and being touched?  Want to gain more insight about yourself around touch and learn from others?  Want to create new possibilities for initimacy?  Do you enjoy touch and just want more?

Touch Workshops are about exploring being touched and touching others.  The foundation is focused on the breath and being centered/grounded in one’s self.  From this state of being and awareness, we move into guided touch activities.

This type of work is often an organic process.  Though each participant may have a different inner experience, one thing is for sure – the opportunity for touch and connection is created.  Our needs for touch and connection can be met in a transformative and profound way.

Touch workshops are created for specific events, groups of people, and presented in different locations.  They can be taken as a single class, or a series in which the activities and level of experience will build upon itself.

Contact me to discuss how Touch Workshops can bring more connection and presence into your specific setting and relationships.

 “Chantelle’s Touch Workshop opened a space for me to discover my unexpected barriers to intimacy.  Through exercises as simple as holding someone else’s gaze, I came face to face with extreme joy, discomfort, tenderness, and anxiety, then held all those feelings and stepped forward with them.  The workshop was challenging.  It was also totally worth the internal resources it took to rise to the challenge.  I walked away with a greater sense of self, others, and the possibilities in between.”  – Bonnie C.