Founder, Chantelle Lorenz started her formal training of massage therapy in 1997 at Minneapolis School of Massage & Bodywork and has continued her education at McKinnon Institute in Oakland, CA.

Being the youngest in a family of 10 children promoted Chantelle to cultivate her touch skills.  With so many voices in the family, she learned to utilize the power of touch and came to understand how touch gets peoples attention, cultivates a present moment awareness, and brings one to be embodied.

Growing up an athlete, dancer, and tumbler, and coming from a family of such, Chantelle has developed a sense of kinesthetic wisdom through movement.  She loves working with the body – our vehicle for expression and connection.  Valuing a holistic approach and working with the therapeutic effects of massage therapy been a natural and validating path for her.

As from her work with massage, Chantelle enjoys dancing, capoeira, and tumbling outdoors in Oakland as well as cooking/baking, and the creative arts – crafting, painting, sculpting, writing.

 CA Massage Therapy Council Certificate ID#:  24128  ABMP ID#:  339436