ROOTS of TOUCH sprouted with the need for healing from injury, to maintain health, relieve chronic tension and meet our cradle to grave need for touch.  Touch helps get us present, connected, and embodied.  Whether it’s through individual massage therapy sessions to relieve a physical crisis, prevent tension, just feel good, or participate in an interactive touch workshop to expand your experience of connection, touch is healing.

Touch deprivation is common in the United States.  Anxiety, violence, depression, isolation and other ailments we experience can stem from neglect, abuse and insecure attachments we may have grown up with.  The good news is that through nurturing touch people can address their physical and emotional needs and create opportunities for healing and mind-body integration.  Nurturing touch cultivates empathy, deeper connection, intimacy, trust, reciprocity and a willingness to work through conflict.

ROOTS of TOUCH focuses on creating holistic, healing experiences through touch and massage therapy and education.