Speaking of Touch…

I appreciate those folks who just want to relax and also tell me they “will speak up if need be”.  I also appreciate those folks who really know what they want and will share, “oh, lower, higher, deeper, ouch, that’s too much, right there, etc”.

Want your needs met?  Share what your needs are.  Before the massage session starts and on the table – it’s important to voice what you want and need.  Sure, the therapist will consider what tools (techniques) they will use to be most effective, but by all means, if something doesn’t feel right, say so.  It’s your time, your body, your money.  Massage, and healthcare for that matter, is a co-creative process.

People have different intentions and reasons for wanting a massage.  It could be any or a combination of the following:  To just relax, relieve tension, heal an injury, work out that knot, improve range of motion, feel human, be touched, integration, etc.  Vocalizing what you want gives your therapist the opportunity to best meet your needs and also hold your intention.  With this, massage can be a prayer, a mantra.  Sometimes we experience massage as physical, sometimes we may feel more emotions.  Besides the many benefits (click here to read more) massage serves to connect our brain and our body again = integration.  It can satiate our craving for touch.  Or maybe just remind us how much we need it.



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