TOUCH MEDICINE: The Salve for Humanity

I appreciate massage therapy for many reasons, one being it’s contribution towards fulfilling our need for touch.  Receiving massage from nurturing hands is a way to self-care and self-love.  Experiencing touch in a safe environment/dynamic is an essential part of healing some people need.

When we cultivate our lives to include more touch than just a handshake, hug, or waiting until the bedroom, we get to expand our touch experience.  This equates to more empathy, more connection, and being a part of something bigger – like community or closer to our friends/family.  (Read about how touch increases the hormone oxytocin and what that does for us, here).

The more we partake in touch, the more comfortable we become with it.  We start establishing a new norm for ourselves and can embrace the fact that touch is a cradle to grave need.  Acknowledging this, we can go about getting our needs met in a direct, healthy and satisfying way.

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